RegioVision is an independent, owner-managed service and project management company with almost 20 years of experience in the areas of labor market integration, personnel placement, business development and educational work based in Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Core competence is the conception, coordination and implementation of regional and European labor market projects. The close cooperation between companies and associations as well as European and regional network partners is the starting point for economic, professional and innovative project work.

Ilmiofuturo è costituito da un team di innovatori nel campo del Lifelong Learning System, con l’obiettivo di supportare le persone nella loro crescita personale e professionale.
Nel mondo complesso di oggi, dove regole e ruoli cambiano continuamente, Ilmiofuturo supporta le persone nel raggiungimento di un’adeguata condizione di auto-realizzazione personale. Promuove processi di apprendimento trasformativo rivolti alle persone sulle competenze chiave per renderle “attive e ispirate” e ai formatori/insegnanti sulla progettazione e l’implementazione di approcci didattici centrati sullo studente.

Belgrade City Library (BCL) is the largest lending library in Serbia, founded in 1931. It‘s a parent library for a network of 13 municipal libraries and their branches. Its holdings consist of almost 1.700.000 items, kept in some 70 facilities. BCL has about 140,000 users and 230 employees. Central library is placed in one of the fairest buildings in Belgrade, a cultural monument in the center of the city. BCL is one of Belgrade‘s main cultural and educational centers. Its two main mottos are “The Library – Cultural Heart of Belgrade” and “The Library – A Place for All”. This shows that BLC’s desire is to lively participate in cultural and social life of the city, as well as that it is open to all types of services and activities, able to accommodate each and every citizen.

Decroly is a private educational center located in Santander, Spain, which stands out for promoting a diverse and varied offer of basic vocational training, intermediate training cycles (CFGM) and higher training cycles (CFGS) in its different modalities and approved regulations. Decroly offers the citizens of Cantabria a comprehensive training in line with the economic and labor reality of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria.
Decroly focuses both on improving basic competencies and on developing and strengthening entrepreneurial challenges, initiative skills and the eight key competencies: communication in the mother tongue; communication in foreign languages (bilingual cycles in high school); mathematical competence and basic competencies in science and technology; digital competence; social and civic competence; initiative and entrepreneurship; learning to learn; cultural awareness and expression.

CIAPE è un’associazione culturale italiana senza scopo di lucro che promuove l’apprendimento permanente in modo innovativo e inclusivo. Possiede una solida esperienza nella progettazione e realizzazione di attività formative finalizzate allo sviluppo e alla validazione delle soft skills, nonché delle competenze richieste dal futuro mercato del lavoro.
L’organizzazione lavora quotidianamente in sinergia con più di 300 enti e organizzazioni di tutta Europa e non solo. Cosa facciamo:

  • progettiamo idee innovative volte a garantire l’accessibilità dell’apprendimento a molteplici target group, come studenti adulti, anziani, professionisti e gruppi a rischio di esclusione
  • siamo esperti in metodi di apprendimento calibrati sulle esigenze dei discenti e nella gestione di corsi di formazione e visite di studio settoriali
  • abbiamo una vasta esperienza nella gestione di progetti europei, nazionali e regionali (più di 60 progetti europei dal 2009).
  • siamo Antenna italiana di EPALE, la piattaforma elettronica per l’apprendimento degli adulti in Europa.

Konya Provincial National Education Directorate is a state institution in charge of the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in preschool, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya. Konya Province has 31 districts with 2.654 schools, 485.893 students and 33.770 teachers in total. Konya İl MEM is an umbrella organisation for all these. Konya İL MEM’s vision is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete with equivalent institutions in Turkey and in the other modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of the Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value and technology required for Knowledge Era.

The Association ALTUM is a non-profit non-governmental organization. The association was established in 2009. Since then the Association ALTUM implements non-formal and formal education and works with both adults and young people. Association’s Training center’s teachers conducts classes and courses for people in several places Latvia. Association and its staff have participated and gained experience in various projects in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and several other European countries.

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the biggest research organization in Slovenia for pure and applied research in the natural sciences and technology. At present, the Institute, totalling about 1.000, has a research staff of about 700. In view of its activities and status, JSI plays a role of a kind of national institute, complementing the role of universities and bridging the gap between science and applications, stimulating the triangle research – innovation – education.

ETBI (Education and Training Boards Ireland) is the national representative association for Ireland’s sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs). ETBI were established 1 July 2013 to provide education and training provision in communities throughout Ireland. Laois & Offaly Education and Training Board (LOETB) provides education services in Ireland including a Further Education and Training (FET) Service. Our FET Service strives continually to both develop and provide a wide range of quality learning opportunities for adults throughout Laois and Offaly including prison education.

“Self-activity is the indispensable requirement for independence.” The German association Jugendkunst e.V., founded in 1992 and based in Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, does youth work with the means of art, but without creating overprotective „shelters“. Participants are given access to creative possibilities that enable them to articulate thoughts and ideas through artistic means. In doing so, they learn to deal independently with traditional techniques and modern cultural media.