Sponsored content

In a few words

This is content on the Internet that conveys primary information and does not focus on its advertising message.

The most commonly used form of such content is “sponsored posts”. Companies can pay to display ad-supported editorial content on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the news feed or to individual users.

Let’s dive deeper

Sponsored content often appears like an editorial piece, but is actually advertising.

Entrepreneurs try to unobtrusively convey their message to readers, but the main goal is still to promote products or services.


It can sometimes be difficult to recognize “sponsored content” as it is more subtle than traditional advertising. However, there are rules that companies must follow when posting sponsored content.

The content should generally be relevant and provide reliable information, and communication with the target audience should also be attractive. What is most important, however, is that a post clearly states that it is a “sponsored post”. On many platforms, this can also be in a small text field either above or below the post.

However, there are many different forms of sponsored content, it can also be a newspaper article or a YouTube video. It must always be made clear somewhere that this is paid or sponsored content.

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What is sponsored content?