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You have arrived to Riga central Railway station and You have to get to the seminar at EU House. You don’t know how to get there. What can you do to solve this problem – how to find the route?

In a few words

Use the Google Maps tool.

Google Maps is a location search tool that allows you to geolocate a specific point, calculate routes, find the nearest places of interest or see the appearance of a place at street level through Google Street View. It was developed in 2005, initially for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on PC.

Google Street View is a tool available within Google Maps that allows you to visualize a location through panoramic photographs at street level. Its content is prepared by Google’s own team, but also by the material provided by its collaborators. The company itself encourages its users to submit material to expand their archive on all parts of the world in order to document them.

For the user, it is a very practical tool when it comes to finding the location of an exact point or to study a tour on foot or by car. Even to get an idea of the characteristics of the area you want to go to in order to determine aspects such as whether it is easy to park or what is around.

Google Maps logo:


Let’s dive deeper

How Google Maps works

Google Maps is a digital street map that is nourished by information from Street View cars adapted to capture images at street level and the GPS signal of users’ mobile devices, as well as other methods such as snowmobiles, scooters or adapted carts that allow you to reach the most remote places and inside the outstanding buildings.

Once the desired point has been obtained, the Google street map offers the possibility of selecting the route to arrive by car, on foot or by public transport.

Advantages of Google Maps

Google Maps works for both computers and mobile devices (phones and tablets), but it is on smartphones that its maximum performance is obtained by the ease of finding a point in a transfer and the possibility of observing the location of the user himself in real time.

Another of its main advantages is that it can be seen in version of Traditional street map, in relief or with satellite view,which shows the layout of streets and paths at zenith angles, which facilitates the clear appreciation of the type of buildings or the distribution of streets, squares, parks, etc.

It allows you to save locations and download offline maps,a very useful advantage when traveling abroad or when you are going to have connection problems with the device used.

How to use Google Maps

  1. In the Google search window, write the address of the starting point and select the Maps option:

2. On the left side of the map, select Direction, add Destination.

3. The service will calculate the options for reaching the goal, the distance and the time required for the journey.

4. The route options will be shown on the map and described:

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