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Digital violence refers to the use of digital technologies (i.e. mobile phones and the Internet) with the intention of injuring, humiliating and upsetting the person at whom the violence is directed, as well as causing them some damage. Digital bullying encourages group hatred, harassment, stalking, invasion of privacy, insults on any basis, as well as spreading inappropriate and offensive comments against another person.Cyberbullying can manifest itself in many different ways. The most widespread forms of digital violence are threats, harassment, blackmail, misuse of other people’s personal data and/or photos, cyberbullying, creating and using fake profiles, sexual abuse on the Internet, child pornography, hate speech, various scams on the Internet…

Let’s dive deeper

Digital violence can be considered a relatively new phenomenon, and it can be defined in different ways. In addition to the term digital violence, we can also find violence on the Internet, cyber violence, electronic violence, cyberbullying, etc.Violence on the Internet can manifest itself in different ways.

All friends joke and tease each other, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is just having fun or trying to hurt you, especially on the Internet. Sometimes they will write “just kidding” or “don’t take everything so seriously” along with the joke. If you feel hurt or think others are laughing at you instead of with you, then the joke has gone too far. If it continues even after you have asked the person to stop such behavior, and if you still feel upset about it, then we can talk about violence. When violence occurs on the Internet, it can attract the attention of a large number of people – you and those you know and don’t know.

Cyberbullying can be done directly or indirectly (with the help of intermediaries). It is possible to interfere with other people, even without their knowledge (eg using a name or address without permission). Digital violence is most widespread among the younger generations, but it also happens that adults perpetrate violence against children. It is important to note that it is a criminal offense punishable by law. 

Adults (sexual predators or abusers) can falsely present themselves on the Internet and thus enter into communication with children and young people, all with the aim of sexually abusing them.In that case, we are talking about sexual violence or sexual abuse via the Internet.

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